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Hillcrest Memorial Gardens seeks to be a place of reverence and remembrance; a place where your legacy can be enshrined and your loved ones can always come for a season of reflection, celebration, or grief. We understand that different people have different ideas for their final resting place, and so, for those who are pre-planning their funeral and burial, we provide a list of options.

For those who seek burial in a casket, we provide the following options:

  • Earth burial in a standard lawn
  • Earth burial in a lawn space that allows for upright gravestones
  • Earth burial in a semi-private estate, segmented off through landscaping design
  • Earth burial in a fully private estate, segmented off by decorative walls
  • Above-earth burial in either an indoor or outdoor mausoleum area
  • Above-earth burial in a private, custom-built mausoleum

For those who plan for cremation, we provide all of the options listed above, as well as earth burial in an urn lawn or above-earth interment in a garden niche wall.

The best way to determine which option you wish to include in your funeral pre-planning is to tour our grounds; make an appointment to do so by calling us today.

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Please call to schedule an appointment so we are sure to be available to assist you and your family.

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